track wife’s phone without her knowing

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?


Mobile tracking apps have a reputation and are useful when tracking devices such as iPhones and Android phones. The newest and most reliable iPhone Monitoring Applications in existence now offer more security and reliability than any other spying software. They could record keystrokes, conversations, or even an individual GPS location of a smartphone. We will discuss the simple ways of spying on your woman’s phone using the most modern technology. 

In the highly modern world, husband-wife relationships are very complicated. Infidelity can be a problem. One phone monitoring service will help you track her online activities. Some apps exist which can be easily downloaded with an Android smartphone, but will they work?

How to Track My Wife’s Location Free

This track wife’s location tool is the best tracking system that I have come across. One of my friends recommended this software, and it works extremely well. I track my wife’s phone without her knowing.” 

Joseph Pierce, 32 years
  1. Enter the phone number you want to track in the blank field provided on the website. The site will send an SMS request for location permission and also include a customizable message
  2. Wait for the recipient to read your message and allow you to monitor them.
  3. Know where your wife’s phone is with the location of its signal on a map.

Why Would You Want to Spy on Wife’s Phone?

  • If she lost her phone.

If you find out that your wife has lost her phone, track it immediately. If you track her phone, some people might see it as spying on your wife. But if she is constantly losing her phone, this will help you track the next time it happens.

A typical married couple should have no secrets between them. If you find yourself in a situation where your wife acts suspiciously, then track her phone without her knowing about it. But please make sure you are doing the right thing first before tracking her phone secretly!

  • If she has secrets from you

An average married couple should have no secrets between them. If you find yourself in a situation where your wife acts suspiciously, then track her phone without her knowing about it. But please make sure you are doing the right thing first before tracking her phone secretly!

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How to spy on my wife’s phone without touching it?

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? The answer is yes. If you want to track your wife’s mobile phone, the best software for doing this is mSpy. This app allows you to track any cell phone, even if it is powered off. It has more features than other trackers. To track her cell phone with this software, you need to install it on the target phone secretly. 

Track cell phone with mSpy

What other functions does the mSpy software have?

  • Text message tracking

You can also track all incoming and outgoing text messages from the monitored phone. Phone numbers, timestamps of communications as well as individual message contents will be shown in your dashboard!

  • Keylogging

Keylogging is an exciting way to monitor your spouse’s keystrokes. The default target keyboard will be replaced with a mSpy-installed one, which records all their typing in real-time! 

  • Reading WhatsApp, SMS, and other messages.

Monitoring text messages is not enough. Spy on messages in popular messaging apps, including Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and many more!

  • Website monitoring and blocking

The website monitoring and blocking features enable you to see which websites the monitored device visits and inform when specific keywords are searched in a browser. In addition, if it uses Chrome or Safari, for example, some of these sites can be blocked with ease using this app! 

What alternatives to mSpy are there?

The best alternative to mSpy is Eyezy

EyeZy is a smartphone monitoring software for spouses to track their partners.

All you have to do is install EyeZy on your spouse’s smartphone and track them from any smartphone or computer device as long as it is connected to the Internet.


How does eyeZy work?

The app is concerning new, and one of the questions we expect those considering it to ask themselves is, “How do I know this works really well?” Here’s what you should know:  

1. Sync Over Local Wi-Fi

EyeZy is a spy app that allows you to monitor your partner without direct access to their smartphone. All data on the device will sync with Eyezy whenever they connect via local Wi-Fi, giving you constant insight into everything going on in this relationship!

2. eyeZy App Compatibility

The eyeZy spy app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

3. iCloud Sync

With the “iCloud sync” feature, you can watch a target iPhone using its iCloud credentials. All it takes is entering your account info and verifying with two-factor authentication from anywhere to get instant access!

What are the Pros of EyeZy?

  1. It is an invisible spy app that no one will notice when you track with the help of EyeZy.
  2. EyeZy runs in the background and tracks everything like calls, text messages, GPS location, photos, videos, and many more.
  3. Monitor your wife’s activities even if they switch off their device or delete history from their smartphone.
  4. You can track multiple devices at a time with the help of EyeZy.
  5. The track history feature allows you to track the whole track record via a web portal from anywhere in the world. 

Spy on your wife by hiring a private detective

If you suspect your partner is cheating, one more way to confirm it as soon as possible without causing any damage or drama in your relationship is by hiring a private investigator. Studies show that husbands who suspect their wives are right 50% of the time and can uncover some truth about infidelity while still respecting privacy at all times with these professionals on call 24/7!

When choosing a private investigator to help confirm your partner’s infidelity, this person must have experience in these matters and a license. 

Try to locate one who specializes in marital investigations. They will be more experienced with cheating spouses due to their vast experience than other cases like corporations or insurance, which surveillance would require different skillsets entirely!

​​It is essential to understand that hiring a detective is much more expensive than buying a spy app where you can see for yourself that your wife is cheating without strangers.

Final Words

You may think that your wife is cheating, but a possible addiction or other problem prevents her from telling you about it.

Try not to act on assumptions until there is clear evidence of deception!

The best way to find evidence of cheating is by installing a wife tracking app. If you are looking for a combination of usability and stealth, then definitely consider using mSpy! This will let you know what messages or actions on the Internet it is doing without knowing that they are being tracked.

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