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Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating

Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating: Signs of a Spouse Cheating on Facebook and Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse


“The internet has opened up many exciting possibilities, but not all of them are good. Social media, for instance, can bring people together like never before but can also cause irreversible rifts between couples. Yes, infidelity is thriving more now, thanks to social media platforms and apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.”

Of the various social media, Facebook secret conversations cheating is very prevalent as the platform is the most used due to its simple and intuitive design. You can see people spending hours on Facebook. This may be something innocuous like browsing through recent posts from friends and acquaintance or it can be disastrous like a wife cheating on Facebook.

Your spouse may feel lonely or need a temporary distraction from his or her routine. It may be a school or college friend they had a brief relationship with. Sometimes a little curiosity about what their acquaintances of past are doing at present can land your relationship or even marriage in big trouble.

This article will talk about Facebook secret conversations cheating, how to identify the signs of someone cheating on Facebook and ways to prevent it. The information given here is based on surveys, researches, and discussions with psychologists and other related professionals in the field. Read on to know how you can avoid falling prey to Facebook secret conversations cheating.

Facebook Cheating and Infidelity

As mentioned before, the basic setup of the internet enables people to cheat on their spouses. And with the features that Facebook has, even committed partners find it hard to avoid the lure of new acquaintances, secret conversations, and infidelity.

Not convinced?

There is research to back up the facts on infidelity and Facebook connection. Cravens and Whiting conducted a study that revealed the list of online behaviors considered as cheating, which include online dating, online sex, and related sexual behavior and emotional component. The last one is the most harmful as rated by over 80 percent of the participants. The study also states that a greater number of divorces have cited Facebook as an important factor for divorce. 

Another report also corroborates this result. The Nelson and Salawu study indicates more number of married individuals use the platform to sate their emotional needs. And, Facebook cheating can go to extremes like Facebook stalking, which can end fatally.

Common Reasons for Facebook Cheating

There are several reasons as to why your husband is cheating on Facebook. Here are a few important of them:

  1. Moral decay. Society, on the whole, is seeing a marked decline in morality. Further media worsens this state of affairs by encouraging sexual immorality in a number of ways.
  2. Failure to reconcile. Cheating occurs in a marital relationship when the issues faced are not addressed early on and in a friendly way
  3. Lack of scruples. A modern-day approach to relationships or affairs is that everybody wants to act as they wish and go after what they want. It is like my body, my choice. Lack of control over leading a disciplined life results in individuals becoming an easy target to infidelity
  4. Incompatibility. Many couples cite the reason for the infidelity as being sexually incompatible with their partner.

Facebook Affairs Cheating: How Does a Relationship or Marriage Suffer?

For individuals who are not happy with their relationship or marriage, Facebook can ring the death knell on the relationship. This is not an exaggeration.

According to divorce lawyer James Sexton, Facebook is the breeding ground for infidelity in a marriage. The endless posts, updates, and other things you view on the platform wreak havoc with your mind, feelings and your relationship.

Facebook gives an excellent excuse to get in touch with people you have no reason whatsoever to talk to. The amount of readily available communication is too much temptation for people and also lures them to indulge in risky behaviors.

Husband Caught Cheating On Facebook: 5 Ways Your Marriage/Relationship Can Suffer

Facebook cheating can take on disastrous consequences for a relationship or marriage. Below are different ways the dynamic can change in your relationship with your partner.

You will feel inadequate

The way people portray their lives on Facebook will make you feel that you are lacking in every aspect of your relationship. Keeping up with the idealized portrayal will be superficial and unobtainable leading to heartbreak

Checking on Facebook

It is natural for a wife to feel neglected when her husband keeps checking Facebook on his phone instead of talking to her. This can cause an irreparable rift unless you start talking about your issue openly and work on communicating in a better way.

Interaction with exes

When a couple takes a divorce, there is not a clear-cut demarcation of loyalties and boundaries. And this extends to remarriage too. While this causes difficulties normally, they are even more pronounced in the case of social media. Your ex’s friends and family may still communicate to you through Facebook, comment on your posts, etc. This can cause a problem in your remarriage. Your spouse may object to their communicating with you.

Old flames and affairs

Your husband may innocently accept a friend request from his old girlfriend, but soon communications can explode into a full-fledged affair.

Checking Facebook constantly affects intimacy

Chronic Facebook surfing at bedtime can be destructive to your relationship. You will feel that your husband is neglecting you at a time when he can enhance the relationship by talking, a cuddle or physical intimacy. Further, Facebook viewing also hampers with sleep and keeps you sleep-deprived, anxious, and depressed.

How to Catch Someone Cheating On Facebook (Based on Real Experiences)

There are certain Facebook Cheating signs that show that your husband is cheating on Facebook. The reasons below hold good even for husbands who want to know how to tell if their wife is cheating on Facebook:

1. Your husband is on Facebook at all hours

Kate noticed that her partner is continuing on Facebook even when she is with him. She sees in scrolling through the Facebook feed, commenting, liking or posting on Facebook. When she observed more closely, she found that most of his activities were focused on the posts of a single person. She knew that this person is the reason for her husband’s lack of attention and neglect towards her.

Kate, 32 years

2. Consider password protection

Janet sensed that her husband was no longer as attentive to her. She began seeing changes in his activities. He was always calling or texting someone and also received constant incoming texts. And, when she tried to check she found that his phone had password protection. When she asked him about his activities, he was evasive and did not want to discuss it.

Janet, 41 years

3. Use Fake Account

When Lisa became suspicious of her husband’s behavior after he started spending more time on Facebook, she found a way to catch him cheating. She created a fake account and befriended him. She found that he was flirting with his friends. While some men top with flirting, others have a full-blown affair. Lisa’s fake ID helped her know which type her husband belonged to. While this is a way to catch a cheating husband, you should be careful about the fake ID you create.

Lisa, 30 years

4. Constantly receiving messages

John’s phone was always ringing and he was getting messages at all times. He would instantly respond to messages that appeared late into the night. When his wife confronted him about his behavior, he got defensive and accused her of bad behavior and asked her to give him some space and privacy refusing to discuss the matter.

John, 29 year

In such a situation, John’s wife was introduced to spy software. She installed mSpy, a spying software. It gave her important information regarding John’s Facebook activities. 

When you install a reliable and efficient software like mSpy, you will be able to see exchanged pictures, read conversations and even have details like call logs. The software will remain undetected and you will not have to worry about your partner deleting his messages as the software will store them and you can use them as proof.

The app is popular because:

  • It can be hidden and you can spy on your spouse’s content without getting caught
  • It is easy to use and secure
  • It has a stealth mode that works remotely and discretely
  • The software can identify Facebook secret conversations that can lead to cheating
  • It can capture Facebook messenger messages, contact list, shared/deleted multimedia messages with date and time stamps

With mSpy you can catch your cheating husband’s activities online, save them and use them as evidence of his infidelity and dishonesty.

The app can be installed remotely and the cost is affordable too. Its price starts from $29 to $69 per month and $100 to $200 for 12 months based on the type of pack you go for. Basic, premium and no jailbreak are the three packages available. Look here for more info.

Facebook Conversations Cheating: How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating on Facebook

After detailed research on different studies, information gathered from support personnel of popular spying apps and interviews with psychiatrists and Divorce Attorneys, we have compiled a few commonly asked questions related to Facebook and Cheating. We have provided the answers to the questions here.

How can you tell if someone is cheating on you on Facebook?

Some common signs that your spouse or partner is cheating on you on Facebook include

  • Being engaged in late-night Facebook chats. If you find that his phone keeps buzzing late into the night, it is a sure sign that he is cheating on you.
  • If your partner has multiple Facebook accounts
  • He does not allow you access to his mobile
  • He hides his friends’ list

What is considered cheating on Facebook?

Cheating on Facebook can take several forms. It can be something harmless like commenting on the photos posted by an ex or checking for updates constantly.

Or, it can take on serious proportions like giving code names to contacts so they cannot be identified easily and creating fake Facebook profiles.

Failure to display appropriate relationship status and friending ex flames are also considered cheating.

How can I catch my boyfriend cheating on Facebook?

There are several ways to catch a cheating boyfriend, but the most effective way is to use spy software like mSpy.

The software supports Android and iPhones and has several features including GPS location tracking, blocking unwanted calls, providing unlimited access to address book, calendar events, and intercept instant messages.

You can view media files, record browsing history, spy on text messages, calls and emails. The price is also not very expensive.

What percentage of marriages end in divorce because of Facebook affairs cheating?

There is a definite relation between divorce and Facebook use. Of the various studies done on this issue, the Clayton study found that Facebook conversations cheating were common among people who use Facebook for over an hour a day.

16 percent of married couples admit to Facebook being the cause of a rift, while 14% of married individuals admit to checking the social media account of their partner for proof of infidelity.


If you suspect your husband is cheating on Facebook, there are several ways by which you can catch a cheating husband or boyfriend. While the first thing you have to do is look for warning signs as mentioned in this article, to have concrete evidence on cheating, you have to consider installing a spying software.

Since it is not always possible to check on the Facebook activities or use a fake account on Facebook to spy on your cheating partner, software setup is the only way that works effectively.

When it is a matter of Facebook and cheating, software like mSpy is what you need. The spying software can remotely record all the Facebook activities of your partner. The software has a diverse range of features, is compatible with Android as well as iPhone devices and most importantly comes with an affordable price tag.

mSpy is an excellent choice to consider when you want to catch Facebook secret conversation cheating. You can confront your spouse or partner with solid proof and resolve the issue properly.

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