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Hire a private investigator to catch a cheater – here’s one of the tips claimed to be the best to deal with such a delicate issue. However, there are many more effective and risk-free ways to identify infidelity. But before turning to any of them, you have to be 100% sure your partner is cheating on you.
Let’s get to know the most obvious signs telling about your partner’s playing around and how to catch a cheater online in the most effective way.

How to tell if your partner is cheating?

First, you have to decide what’s cheating for you. There is an emotional or physical one. For example, your significant other flirts with someone online, at work and even got attached emotionally to that person. Meantime, he or she is not going to have sex with them. Nevertheless, it can result in adultery in a long perspective. After identifying this platonic relationship, some women think they catch a cheater this way.

Physical infidelity means intimacy with someone else. But some couples think it’s normal for their relationships and do not consider it as cheating. So, decide what exactly you want to know and what kind of information will be crucial for you – their flirting or real physical affair.

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Here are 8 signs that might help you catch a cheater:


Online Activity

They hide their online activity and remove the history



They are secret more than ever when checking bills together or bank statements



You feel their attitude, behavior have changed (no intimacy, no texts during the day, excused not to go out together)


Without Plans

They do not plan events and future with you


Social Media

They keep your relationships quiet on social media



They change the look, making it better, sexier and more attractive



They don’t do what they say and promise constantly lately



They do not work on your relationships as they used to

Dont Forget About

The signs are just primary signs when discovering that your partner hooked up with someone else. You need to fish for more significant evidence. Usually, people try to catch a cheater by taking their phone and reading SMS, viewing the contact list, photos, and web history. Whilst they are scared to be caught. They know it will burn the relationships to the ground.
Is this possible to “retrieve” any information without taking their phone? The answer is unanimous - it is absolutely feasible.


How to catch a cheater without their phone?

Technology can help you to catch a cheater. Thus, the monitoring market offers the best spy apps that deliver any kind of information about your partner straight to your hands. They need to be set up on the target device. In case, you worry about being caught, you should calm down - spy apps run in the stealth mode and are undetectable on the device. So, what can you see with them?

It is easy to catch a cheater with spy apps. They show an online activity (visited sites, bookmarks, web searches, texts via instant messengers), calls, contacts, GPS location at a particular time, texts people type on their devices, installed apps, etc.

These things might be very revealing and insightful. They can prove for 100% whether your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife cheats on you.

In the era of social media, real cheaters meet their lovers exactly there. This is why partners are curious about their social media activity.

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How to catch a cheater on social media?

There are two options to catch a cheater on social media - follow accounts and simply analyze them and monitor them and related messengers with spy apps.

The first one is less risky but less informational. It’s almost impossible to catch a cheater this way. You can track another woman or man and you can fail to do it. Besides, the whole magic doesn’t happen in public. First, they befriend, say hi and leave a few positive comments. And then they proceed to messengers to write in private. This is where spy apps come in handy. They help view the textual content shared via messengers. Moreover, afterward, you can see the profile of a person.

For example, you read a Facebook Messenger and see who’s involved in chatting. You can simply click on the icon and proceed to a concrete profile. This is how you’ll get to know whom your loved one wrote, “What about Sunday night?”

Now you want to give it a try and catch a cheater with a spy app? Let’s overview the most powerful in the market.

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I caught my wife cheating. I suspected my wife of having an affair. Spy App helped me to find out whom she chatted every day via WhatsApp. When I got to know about this, I was really surprised!




I was going out with my boyfriend for a year and then I noticed that my boyfriend started to spend more time without me. We stopped going to the cinema and traveling together. Then I installed Spy App and got to know all the truth about him.




Once I suspected my wife of cheating, I installed Spy App on her device and started tracking all the messages sent and received via WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and other messengers. And I was really shocked when caught my wife sexting with her boss.




We have lived with my husband together for 20 years and I would never have thought that my husband could cheat. Using Spy App, I found out that he has an affair with his secretary.




Spy App is an excellent parental control software that helped me protect my elder daughter from a bad guy. My daughter is 16, and every mom knows how it’s difficult to communicate with teenagers. Using Spy App, I blocked chats of my daughter with that guy.



Office manager

Spy App is easy-to-use and multifunctional monitoring software that allows monitoring all the employees in a very reliable way. Using Spy App, I caught my employee sharing sensitive information to our main competitors.



A boss of the supply chain company

Best spy apps to help you catch a cheater.

The general rule before picking the app is to decide on your particular need. Do you want to check only the current whereabouts or just SMS? Do you need the whole spectrum of monitoring?
Here are the best spy apps in the niche:

      • mSpy contains 30 features and tells everything about someone’s device.
      • CovenentEyes helps deal with porn addiction and blocks relevant sites.
      • Copy9 allows phone calls recording.
      • Thespybubble enables to track YouTube and emails.
      • Spyhuman shows any file in the device.
      • TeenSafe is parental control software that blocks activities and regulates screen time; might be used as spyware.


To catch a cheater, technology might be a solid solution. Nowadays, it is affordable, risk-free and user-friendly. Besides, it provides the most accurate data which is crucial when trying to identify infidelity.


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